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ACCTION is a web and mobile-based tool that allows cities and citizens to work together in preparing for, responding to, and recovering from disasters and crises. Instead of depending on long, complex and expensive diagnostic and planning processes, which can take months or even years, or unsuitable tools such as social media, actions can be adequately developed, tested and implemented in weeks, with little need for external assistance, and using the resources your city already has!

What is ACCTION?

ACCTION is a powerful and comprehensive disaster risk management software developed by Clurb that provides cities all over the world with the ability to analyse, simulate, and implement effective strategies for disaster prevention and response. It helps cities to quickly and effectively act against any emergency, be it flooding, drought, landslide, humanitarian assistance or other, considering their environmental, economic, and social impact.

Its web and mobile user interfaces are potent tools that allow city technicians to collaborate with citizens and communities towards more resilient cities.

Its intuitive user interface and built-in mapping and charting tools make it easy to visualize and understand disaster-related data. Cities and citizens can also identify procedures and resources that must be deployed in an emergency.

ACCTION is flexible and adaptable, tailored to meet the specific needs of each city. It is highly secure and ensures compliance with industry standards and regulatory requirements in terms of data privacy and access.

With ACCTION, your city’s ability to respond to disasters will be inclusive, collaborative, structured and effective!

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What Does ACCTION Do?

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ACCTION provides a simple and structured way for cities and communities to use their own knowledge through a step-by-step process to:

ACCTION's Use Cases

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Diagnostic: Risk Assessment and Mitigation

ACCTION helps cities and citizens with assessing their current conditions by providing means for mapping and analysing critical public services and infrastructure, running detailed risk assessments for all relevant emergencies, and identifying stakeholders and resources that can support disaster risk response.

With that, the city has a full picture of the main vulnerabilities they face and their priorities for action. Data can be inserted via both the mobile and web interfaces with the participation of citizens and communities, by mapping and charting tools that help users to consolidate, visualise and understand the risk areas more clearly. This data can then be used to inform decisions about mitigation strategies.

Action: Emergency Response

ACCTION helps disaster response teams and other actors to collaboratively simulate disaster scenarios, determine response actions, and set monitoring and alert systems. The software offers a range of resources, including documentation, online support, and plan breakdowns to help users create an effective emergency response plan tailored to meet the specific needs of the different neighbourhoods and vulnerable groups in the city.

The software integrates with monitoring and alert systems to create automated notifications and remote control of event response protocols, allowing for rapid and effective responses.

The software is designed to be intuitive and user-friendly to ensure that users can easily access the necessary data during an emergency, with the confidence that their plan is well-prepared and up-to-date.

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How to Get Started with ACCTION?

If you’re interested in discovering more about ACCTION, consulting pricing, testing its capabilities, or implementing it in your city, contact us, and we’ll discuss how to proceed.

ACCTION was developed by ClUrb and offers an incredible work frame to solve all major problems related to risk management and disaster prevention in all cities worldwide. We also provide custom-made software. Contact us for more information!