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About ClUrb

We simplify and digitize complex frameworks to support cities, organizations, and communities in acting against their most pressing issues, whilst managing their knowledge and building capacities.

Vision & Mission

Our vision: “A world where every city and community, no matter their resources, have access to adequate tools to resolve the most critical issues.”

Our mission: “To empower cities and communities globally, in particular the least-resourced ones, to improve the life of their residents and achieve SDG 11* and beyond.”

*Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 11: Make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable


Cities and communities all around the world are faced with a multitude of challenges – from flooding to inadequate housing. Most of them have no access to the knowledge and technology available that could help them act against them, because:

  • Knowledge is scattered and nonintegrated
  • Tools and services are too expensive
  • Processes are long and complex
  • The implementation relies on continued external support

As a consequence, not only the actions taken by different actors result in lower social, economic and environmental impacts, but they cannot be replicated at the urgency and scale that issues such as climate change require.

How Do We Solve It?

We develop and implement software solutions that are built on the following principles:

  • Technical soundness grounded on well-established frameworks
  • Ease of use to allow wider outreach
  • Flexibilityto adapt to the most diverse contexts
  • Use and management oflocal knowledge
  • Capacity-buildingof cities and communities

= replicability, scalability and sustainability

Our Solutions

Own product

H.A.R.D. - Disaster Risk Management Made Simple

The number and impact of disasters increase every year. From natural events such floods and earthquakes, to man-made ones as fires and pollution, it’s not a matter of if, but of when the next one will happen.

Nevertheless, currently only as few as 4% of cities have a disaster warning system

What Does H.A.R.D. Do?

H.A.R.D. is a web- and mobile-based tool that allows cities and citizens to work together in preparing for, responding to and recovering from disasters and crises. Actions can be developed and implemented in a matter of weeks, with little need for external assistance.

H.A.R.D. provides a simple and structured way for people to use their own knowledge through a step-by-step process in order to:


Understand the risk their cities face.

Define concrete measures to act against disasters and crises.

Implement these actions immediately.

Disseminate crucial informal to citizens.

Watch H.A.R.D.’s presentation video

Commissioned product

E-Strategic Financing Framework (E-SFF)

The E-SFF is a platform for governments to work along stakeholders to structure the institutional and financial delivery of slum improvement projects. The project was commissioned by UN-Habitat’s Participatory Slum Upgrading Programme (PSUP).

The E-SFF consolidates and streamlines a series of frameworks, presentations, text files, and worksheets. As a result, it will allow PSUP to reach out to a much larger number of partners, guiding them on mobilizing resources for city- and nation-wide slum upgrading and prevention initiatives.


In Action

Cabo Verde-Safende

our team

Core team

Evandro-Holz Evandro Holz CEO, Co-Founder
Mariano-Rossi Mariano Rossi CFO, Co-Founder
David-Katz David Katz CTO


Paola Paola Njoki Urban Planner
Eliana Eliana Silva Economist and innovation specialist
Andrea-Carosi Andrea Carosi Regional and Environmental Planner
pablo Pablo Nava Lawyer
Edilson Evandro Holz Business Advisor, Co-Founder

Product Development

Andra Andra Brandhofer UX Designer
Rafael_r Jhonny Rojas & team Frontend, backend
Nikunj Nikunj Kakadiya & Deskcode team Mobile app

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