Our Team

We are a small but mighty group of passionate professionals from various disciplines who share a common goal of inspiring and empowering people to develop and implement solutions to urban problems. We have expertise in urban development, resilience, disaster risk management, business development, data science, and user experience/interface. Our collective experience, knowledge, and commitment help us to collaborate more effectively to create impactful, lasting solutions to urban challenges. We all work together to drive change in the way that cities and communities act and interact with the environment.

our team

Core team

Evandro-Holz Evandro Holz CEO, Co-Founder
Mariano-Rossi Mariano Rossi CFO, Co-Founder
David-Katz David Katz CTO


Paola Paola Njoki Urban Planner
Eliana Eliana Silva Economist and innovation specialist
Andrea-Carosi Maria Ligia Vianna Business development
pablo Gustavo Brant Urban management expert
Edilson Edilson Holz Business Advisor, Co-Founder

Product Development

Andra Andra Brandhofer UX Designer
Rafael_r Jhonny Rojas & team Frontend, backend
Nikunj Nikunj Kakadiya & Deskcode team Mobile app