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Disaster Risk Management

Disaster risk management is the process of assessing, analyzing, and mitigating risks associated with natural disasters, identifying potential hazards and taking steps to reduce or eliminate those risks.

Disaster Response

Disaster response is an area of emergency management that, while often unassuming and hard to notice at the moment, plays an integral part in helping those affected in times of trouble.

Municipal Risk Management Framework

A Municipal Risk Management Framework is a comprehensive set of strategies, policies, and procedures to reduce the risk of disasters, damages, and costs for local government organizations.

Civil Defense

Civil defense are programs or activities aimed at protecting citizens in times of war or natural disaster. It also includes any governmental actions taken to protect major infrastructure in the event of a disaster.

Humanitarian Aid

Humanitarian aid is a type of public action under international humanitarian law that provides economic, medical, and other support to civilian populations in times of cataclysmic events.